Antonio Tornesello

Web / App Developer

Lecce, Italy Current: Flutter Developer at Alten Italia SPA View More Education: I.I.S. A. Meucci, Casarano View More

Personal Details

  • Birthday: 28 January 1999
  • Nationality: Italian

About Me

Since I was 5, I was and I'm always been a curious person for every thing, especially for the electronic stuff. I saw the first computer at that age and it was love at first sight.

I started to mount and unmount my first pc to know and see how it was built inside, later I discovered the video games and from that moment I never detached myself from the PC: I have always been a fan of video games and still am.

Later when I grew up, I knew the world of programming: I've always wondered what was behind all the programs, how they were designed to provide everything you need. So when I was 14, I chose to go to a IT school and there I learned the basic for programming. Every day I couldn't wait to go home after school, because I could continue programming without stopping, in order to train more and more to become better and better.

When I finish the IT school, I decided I wanted to enroll at university, but along the way that took me to take the entrance exam, I thought if it was worth it to continue studying at a school or to enter the world of work. So, I chose the last option and I must say that I do not regret the choice I made, on the contrary I am very proud of it, otherwise I would not be at this point in my career, at only 23 years old.

So, that's it.

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From March 2022 To Present

Alten Italia SPA Rome, Italy

Flutter Developer

In this company, I'm developing cross-platform app with Flutter & Dart using BLoC pattern. I worked on 3 different apps that are based on betting, casin├▓ and bingo.
The features implemented are:

  • Push Notification (Local & Online with Firebase and OneSignal)
  • Crash detection system (Firebase Crashlytics)
  • Logging system
  • Communication with REST API services
  • Biometric system
  • File management
  • Webview
  • Payment system (Paypal,Stripe)

From Jun 2019 To March 2022

Mind The App Srl Matino, Italy

Web / App Developer

  • I have developed Front-End applications using JS frameworks such as Angular (starting from the JS version, then moving on to the TS version) and Vue.js (version 2)
  • The types of applications I have developed are different, starting from simple (and even complex) company management systems to the point of developing scrumboards (or kanbans) with synchronization RealTime.
  • The types of applications I have developed are different, I have developed a web app, called Timecloud which allows the monitoring of employee work carried out on each activity, with tracking of hours worked, payroll management, holiday/permit management and task management for each project. The technology that was used for it development is Angular v9 (later updated to version 13) and Material Design for the UI.
  • The types of applications I have developed are different, I developed a web app for a cleaning company which has as its functionality: customer records and employees, creation of quotes/orders and warehouse management. The technology that was used for it development is Vue.js (version 3) with integration of Vuex for the store management and Nuxt.js for the Server Side Rendering.
  • The types of applications I have developed are different, I developed a management system, connected to a mobile app for children, which allowed you to manage all the configurations, assets, events, games that were downloaded from the app to be available within of the app. The technology that was used for development is Vue.js (version 2) with Vuex integration for store management.
  • The types of applications I have developed are different, Subsequently, starting from the middle of the first year, I began to develop cross-platform mobile apps using the Flutter framework. and most of those developed, were narrowly connected with the management systems previously listed. The pattern, which I used and still use, for the management of state management and business logic is BLoC. Instead, the most common functions I have implemented in the apps are:
    • integrations with HTTP services (REST, WS, Realtime)
    • biometrics (fingerprint and facial recognition)
    • push notification (local and online via Firebase)
    • data saving on encrypted and non-encrypted storage
    • opening files of various types (pdf, images, video, audio)
    • payments
  • I developed an app for an electricity/gas supply company in the Marche region, which allows customers its customers to monitor their supplies completely independently, starting from the state of bills, to payments in the app (integrated via native Stripe SDK), to the insertion of self-readings of counters and so on.
  • I developed an app for restaurants, called Ristomate, (also in close contact with the respective backoffice developed in Vue.js + Nuxt) which has the following features:
    • receive takeaway/home orders
    • receive table reservations
    • display menu in App
    • communication between backoffice and app in Webview
    • in-app payments with Paypal and Stripe (Native SDK)
    • real-time chat
    • connectivity with ESC POS printers to print orders and receipts

From Sep 2018 To Jun 2019

(10 Months)

IBS Company Pisignano, Italy

Front-End & Back-End Developer

  • I developed a web app, including Front-End developed with Html, Css, JS and Ajax and Back-End with PHP, which made it easy to upload markers (images and videos), via REST API to the cloud, for gods business cards, and subsequently the latter were framed/scanned by a mobile app on which the previously loaded multimedia contents were then played.
  • I developed a web app, including Front-End developed with the Angular.JS framework and Back-End with the Laravel PHP framework, for gyms and included as functions: customer management (which includes personal data and subscriptions), training cards, uploading of multimedia content (same feature as the previous project mentioned) relating to the correct performance of each exercise.
  • I developed a web app, including Front-End developed with the Angular 6 framework (Typescript) and Back-End with the Laravel PHP framework, for a local glass factory whose functions were: creation of estimates, payments, warehouse management, customer and employee records.

From Apr 2018 To July 2018

(4 Months)

Accenture Milan, Italy

Cloud consultant

  • I made automations of different processess into the Cloud computing for big companies, located everywhere, not only in Italy. I started to use HP Orchestrator in combination with VMWare VSphere for virtualization and Powershell for scripting.

Projects in my free time

From January 2022 To September 2022

Sinusbot (Unofficial)

I developed an unofficial app for a music streaming service, called Sinusbot, featured on two voice chat software (Discord and Teamspeak3). In addition to playing audio content in the two software mentioned in precedence and being a Bot, it can be set to manage the server at 360┬░, integrating scripts offered by the community or even your own. As for the app, the features introduced are the following:

  • login
  • instance management
  • music management
  • playback
  • queue
  • file upload
  • playlist management
  • script management
  • dark/light mode.
The app is only available on Play Store


Skills & Language



  • ItalianItalian: native language
  • EnglishEnglish: Medium

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